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Wash Vid: Cellophane (Repost) Manip/Blend

A vid I made a while back, and a manip made on a dare by jebbypal.


Vid Title: Cellophane
Editor: cassiee
Band/Artist/Song: Mister Cellophane, Chicago Soundtrack, John O. Reilly
Duration: 3:51
Character/Pairing: Wash(POV)
Episode/s: non specific
Size: 18. 4 MB
Format: WMV (evils)
Notes: My Wash tribute, I won't go too much into it, but...I was inspired to make it, after going to see one of the advanced screenings back in June? (luridmuse was it June?). Wash is always the odd man out, in a way. And I know how it implies that no one sees Wash for what he really is, Zoe included, but that's it. It's how Wash views himself, not the other way around. War Stories was my study, that ep was so very telling on Wash's feelings in general(in his place in the crew).


Manipulation/Blend: YoSaffBridge/Wash

Umm, Zoe/Wash fans, please don't hurt me. All in good fun. :hearts Zoe/Wash:

Special Hell
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