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and we shall call it ... this land!

Wash fan community
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All Members , Moderated

this is a Wash fan community where you can post whatever you want as long as it is about Wash from Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. You can post fics, icons, layouts or just random 'omg i heart Wash to pieces!' posts
this is an open community so anyone can join but you have to join to post. however posts can be public. its your choice whether you FO them or not! any inappropriate posts that have nothing to do with Wash will be deleted. Wash hate posts will be deleted. please don't make me be a mean mod.


 hi. i'm can_we_forget. i'm the mod and creator of this community! yay me! i decided to start this because there arent many strictly Wash fan comm's. currently i am the only mod here and i think it will stay that way for a while, unless people force me to be a mean mod and screen the posts.

i'm a 16 yr old girl and i love Wash to pieces. Alan Tudyk is awesome and that just adds to Wash's awsomeness. woohoo!